Day 62: Power of Money twist details revealed

The details to the Power of Money twist have been revealed

On Friday, Emma Willis revealed during the live eviction show that this week, the Housemates would have the chance to add an extra £25,000 onto the prize fund – which currently stands at £100,000. Over the next two days, the Housemates will be given the chance to add the money onto the prize fund through a series of tasks.

Additional Nomination

In this part of the task, one Housemate will join the other Housemates who have currently been nominated to face the public vote. A Perspex box will be placed in the House with 3 gold envelopes inside it. Ash, Ashleigh and Chris are the three Housemates who do not face eviction, and will be the ones taking part in this task. Each envelope will contain a value of money that could be added to the prize fund. They contain £1000,£5000 and £10,000.

Ash, Ashleigh and Chris will each draw an envelope. Once everyone has drawn an envelope, the Housemates who already face the public vote must choose one of these three Housemates to join them in being nominated for eviction. Whichever Housemate they choose, they will face eviction and the money in the envelope will be added to the prize fund.

E.g. If they choose Ash to face the public vote, and Ash’s envelope says £5000, then £5000 will be added to the prize fund.

Helen’s Salon

Winston and Ash are given the chance to earn some money for the prize fund. In the Garden a salon chair will have been set up. Winston and Ash can elect to add to the prize fund if they allow Helen to give them Helen’s Special Haircut, the same haircut Helen has given to Christopher and Mark in the past. Winston and Ash will be provided with visual reminders of exactly what Helen’s Special Haircut consists of. If they choose to have the haircut, they will add the money to the prize fund.

Family Temptation

The three Housemates who did not receive their letters from home (Mark, Chris, Christopher) will be given the opportunity to spend time with one of their family members. One by one, each Housemate will be called to the Diary Room. Whilst here, they will be able to see on the screen that one of their family members is downstairs in the Family room.

They are told that they can go down and spend some time with their family member. However, as soon as each Housemate enters the Family Room, the money available will start counting down, e.g. for every second spent with their family member, £20 will be taken off the total that will be added to the totaliser. Once in the Small Task Room, there will be no clock/money count down so that the Housemate in there will not know how long they have been or how much money they have spent. One Housemate can spend the whole time in the Family Room, using all the money. Alternatively, they can try and split the time between all three Housemates so they all get equal time with their family member. Or, alternatively, they can all choose to spend no time with their family member, resulting in the full amount being added to the totaliser.

The task continues tomorrow.

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