Day 63: TASK: The Power of Money – Day 2

It’s the second day of the Power of Money task

In the first part of the task, Mark will be given the chance to add some money to the prize fund by tapping into his psychic abilities and putting them to use. Mark will enter the Small Task Room where there will be a blue food bowl and a pink food bowl. Mark will be told that a meerkat will shortly enter the Small Task Room. Mark must use both his psychic abilities and powers of persuasion to predict which food bowl Steve the meerkat will run to. If Mark’s prediction is correct, he will add £1500 to the prize fund.

Next, a large vault structure is set in the House. The numbers usually found on the front of a vault have been replaced with empty spaces for faces. During this game, one bitchy quote will be revealed at a time by Big Brother. It is up to the Housemates to guess who said these things. When the Housemates have an answer for the quote, they put the answer’s face in the first gap on the vault. Once all the quotes have a face allocated to them on the vault, the Housemates will be left with a code which will hopefully unlock the vault, winning the monetary value (£5000) contained within. If the code is incorrect, Housemates will have three attempts to try and get the correct code.

The final dilemma will be revealed soon…

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