Day 64: Danny feels ashamed over task tweet

During tonight’s show, Danny admits to feeling ashamed over a tweet that was read out in the latest task.

For the task Housemates took part in yesterday, they were placed into two teams and had to answer questions about each other. One of these questions has left Danny feeling ashamed.

Big Brother asked the Housemates, “Which Housemate tweeted, ‘Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs. Stick to your own kind.’” The Housemates are all surprised at this tweet. Chloe says, “That’s terrible.” The Yellow Team guess Nick saying that Danny is too nice a guy to write such a thing. It was Danny. He’s surprised. He cannot remember tweeting this.

Later on in the show, Danny is in the Diary Room talking about his Tweet. “I bloody hated it. I feel really ashamed and so did everyone else in that room. I was shocked and disappointed. I can understand why people would turn against me. I’m so sorry.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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