Day 65: Ash, Helen and Winston punished in latest task

Ash, Winston and Helen have been punished in the latest task to enter the House

Last night, the trio thought it would be a good idea to escape from the Big Brother House and enter the camera runs. Though the breakout was only short, Big Brother still punished them this morning – and the rest of the Housemates.

As punishment, Big Brother turned off the hot water in the House, stripped the kitchen of all but the basic needs and locked the bedroom. Now, in the latest task, Ash, Helen and Winston are to be punished even further.

Big Brother has set a set of stocks in the garden. One at a time three housemates will stick their head in the stocks. Then one at a time the other housemates will tell the person what they think of them and then throw a bucket of disgusting liquid over the housemate.

As a reward for managing to endure this, the Housemates will unlock the bedroom and be allowed to get ready for tonight’s eviction.

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