Day 65: Housemates host their own BB Video blogs in latest task

Housemates have been taking part in a vlogging task, where they have hosted their own blogs.

During tonight’s highlights show, Big Brother explains that Housemates are hosting their own Big Brother video blogs from the Big Brother Bedroom Headquarters. Throughout the day, Housemates will feature in hosting and performing a number of vlogs. For their first task, each Housemate performs a karaoke rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’.

For the next task, the Housemates will take part in a web video interview. The Housemates will answer a number of questions from members of the public on a live web chat in the BB Bedroom Headquarters.

The other Housemates will be watching the interview on a live stream from the living area. Jack is asked if he finds Chloe attractive. He says no.  Joel is asked about his relationship with Cristian. Cristian asks the other Housemates about the perception by the public of his friendship with Joel. They tease Cristian. Nick is asked about his relationship development with Harry. Chloe is asked about the prize fund.  Danny is asked about his decisions to involve himself in other Housemates’ arguments. Cristian is asked about his accent.

The Housemates are in the bedroom talking about the live web chat interviews specifically the question relating to Joel and Cristian’s friendship.

The next part of the task involved former Housemate, Jade, returning to the House. As a reward for completing today’s task, the Housemates are played a slide show of moments in the house.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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