Day 66: Danny finishes in 3rd place during Big Brother Final

Danny has finished in 3rd place during tonight’s final.

Emma asked how it felt to take the Bronze.  Danny: “So overwhelming, amazing…to get past first week was a target…coming third just seems amazing”.

Emma discussed with Danny that in the House he was seen as a father figure, Danny: “Watching from a young age, I never thought I’d be the oldest in there, it’s a role that I loved being, the fact that people looked up to me was a good feeling”

Emma asked Danny about squaring off with Marc: “I did massively, he’s very good at it, after a while it gets too much and I’m not going to waste my time arguing”.  Emma asked Danny about his temper and if he was trying to hide it: “I was yes, I have got a bad temper…I was trying to control it…it just goes to show how hard it was in there”

Emma asked about Cash Bomb week: “I felt like if you’re going to win it you are going to win the whole thing…I do wish I would have taken something [in hindsight]”.

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