Day 66: Jack finishes in 4th place during Big Brother Final

Jack has finished in 4th place during tonight’s final.

Emma congratulated Jack on coming fourth and asked him how it felt.  Jack: “Amazing…to get fourth is brilliant”.  Emma spoke to Jack about being voted as an early favourite to be winner, Jack: “It’s an amazing thing to know that people like what you’re doing and your entertaining them, but there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders”.  Emma asked if it made Jack put on a filter, Jack: “ I’ve just been myself in the house”.

Emma asked Jack why he didn’t take the car when offered it at the start of the series when he would have had to leave the House if he accepted it.  Jack: “I didn’t sign up to leave after four days…I’ve made the last day…never any regrets”.  Emma asked where grumpy Jack came from, Jack: “I struggle with change and I find it hard to adapt and it is one of my character sides”.

Emma reminded Jack he has £23,900 in cash from the Cash Bomb task and asked if this was a tense situation, Jack: “Tensions rose and tasks became a lot more stressful…when I walked in and saw the button and the cash…if it came to it I was going to do it”.

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