Day 7: Housemates take part in endurance task to win prizes

Housemates have taken part in an endurance task to win prizes.

Big Brother gathers housemates for today’s task, where they have to play to win individual surprise presents. Housemates are asked to stand by their designated podiums, where their presents will be fired up-in-the air. If housemates fail to catch their presents, they will not win their prize.

Earlier that day, Big Brother asked Jonathan to decide which presents the housemates are to receive.

· For his prize, Jonathan picks a massage for himself.

· Gemma fails to catch her prize; she could have won a takeaway of her choice, however she’s not bothered.

· David successfully catches his prize; a romantic dinner with Jeremy.

· Kristina is next, and successfully catches her prize which is ‘nothing’.

· Stephanie successfully catches her present, which is a tweet from a fan, “Stephanie is an absolute beauty and a proper genuine lass!” She is pleased.

· Angie fails to catch her present, which would have been incarceration. She is also pleased.

· Darren is next and successfully catches his present; a pair of boxing gloves.

· Danniella successfully catches her present, which is to lose her identity. She jokes, “I lost my identity years ago!”

· Christopher successfully catches his present; a signed photo of Rylan Clark-Neal. He laughs, “It was worth the wait!”

· Tiffany successfully catches her present, which is immunity from the next set of nominations. She is happy.

· After two hours and 41 minutes, Nancy successfully catches her present. She reads that she has won incarceration.

· Jonathan is next, and successfully catches his massage present.

· The remaining housemates are tempted by Big Brother to leave their podiums to collect cheeseburgers. They decide to stay by their podiums, and Scotty T successfully catches his present of luxury food and drink for the house. Housemates cheer!

· John successfully catches his present, which is to make his next nomination face-to-face. He says he doesn’t mind doing that.

· Jeremy successfully catches his present, an invite to a romantic dinner with David.

· Megan is the last housemate standing by her podium. She fails to catch her present which reads ‘nothing’.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm.

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