Day 7: Jedward and Austin cause tension in the House

Jedward and Austin have both caused tension within the House.

During tonight’s show, Jedward and Stacy are in the Living Area playing with the cushions. Edward throws his orange peel out of sight and some of the Housemates are watching from the bedroom. Nicola is annoyed. Calum says: “I don’t think they realise they’re doing anything wrong.” Nicola heads into the Living Area and realises Edward was throwing the peel on the out of view table. “Were you gonna imply that Edward was throwing food around? mocks John as he hugs Nicola.

Angie is in the Snug for silent meditation and John joins her. “You’re on an island, surrounded by water, there are dolphins, one called John and one called Edward.” Angie breaks concentration.

Most of the Housemates are in the garden. Austin makes his way over to them wearing just his tight underwear leaving little to the imagination. He does a little dance before telling them he thought they were meant to be having a Hot Tub party, “stop being bitches.” Calum says that Austin has a great physique, adding: “If I was gay I’d be all over it.” James J asked how it felt to get more nominations than Speidi, “They’re the most hated Housemates ever and you got more.”

Austin yells that he doesn’t “give a f**k,” then leaves the garden. James J tells the Housemates: “I’ll take it for a couple of days and then that’s it.”

Nicola and Jamie are sitting with the Housemates in the smoking area, they gush about their love for each other over a few drinks. Jamie says that he loves Tom” and therefore loves his “missus” adding, “Cos she’s an angel” and says he will “look after” during their time in the house. They share a few pally kisses on the cheek.

In the bedroom, Nicola says she is “so drunk” as she tries to get into bed. Jamie watches from across the room and offers to help then and quips, “You haven’t even got your pyjamas on.” Nicola giggles and hides under her duvet.

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