Day 7: Jonathan Cheban walks from Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Jonathan Cheban has left the House.

Channel 5 have confirmed that Jonathan Cheban has left the Celebrity Big Brother House after seven days. In a statement issued to the press, they said:  “Jonathan Cheban has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.  His exit will appear in tomorrow night’s show on Channel 5 at 9pm.”

UPDATE: During the highlights show tonight (12th January), Jonathan tells Gemma that he’s going to pack his case, and asks her to help him. She thinks it’s the right time for him to leave the house, “Promise me we will do all the things we have said we are going to do? Like sleepovers?” He agrees, “Yes! You don’t know me! I’ll be in Essex eating, every time I come to London you come and pick me up!” He says he now feels relaxed as he’s going.

In the bedroom, Jeremy, David and Darren talk about how much they now like Jonathan. In the diary room, Jonathan is talking to Big Brother, “My time here has now expired. I’m not really into fighting, Tiffany is insane! It’s getting down and dirty and there’s a bad vibe in the house. I felt so bad putting Nancy in incarceration; it felt like I sent my mum!” He continues he doesn’t want to get anxious or claustrophobic, and feels like it’s time for him to go.

Jonathan gathers some of the housemates to say goodbye, Gemma cries, “Can’t you just stay?” He tells her to stop it and will see them all when they get out. Nancy and Jonathan hug, she says it was nice meeting him.

Jonathan leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house, “I’m going to miss you guys! I’ll be watching!” Gemma sits in the garden sobbing about Jonathan’s exit.

Jonathan’s last words to Big Brother, “Honestly, this has been the literally the best experience I’ve ever had! I didn’t think I’d survive the first night. These people are so amazing! I love each and every one of them, and I can’t wait to see them afterwards! I’m leaving with no problems with anyone, and that’s how I wanted to leave. It’s definitely bitter sweet. Thank you and goodbye.”

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