Day 7: Nominated Housemates take part in More or Less a Celebrity

The four celebs on the scrapheap play a gameshow – ‘More or Less a Celebrity’. The result of the task will be that one housemate will be saved from the scrapheap and one housemate will replace them.

Leslie, the star of the show is called to the Diary Room and asked to rate the other Housemates in different categories such as; ‘most famous, ‘most talented’, ‘most intelligent’.

Then, in the Garden the star of the show hosts a gameshow based on the answers they gave – titled ‘More or Less a Celebrity’.

The four celebrities on the scrapheap play this game. One at a time they step up to a board. They see a category and a pair of celebrities. They have to decide whether, according to the star of the show, the second celebrity is ‘more’ or ‘less’ in that category. The catergories are ‘Sexy’, ‘Famous’, ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Talented’.

The star of the show will then reveal the correct answer and explain their reasons for rating that celebrity more or less.

The star of the show will then reveal the next celebrity by turning over the next card and the contestant must decide if they were voted more or less than celebrity 2 and so on. The scrapheap celeb will earn a point for every correct answer they give. There will be 6 celebrity pictures and 5 ‘more’ or ‘less’ choices, so there is a maximum of 5 points on offer.

This is then repeated with the other three celebs, each of them playing a new category.

The reward for the winning celeb will be an important decision to make. One of the celebs on the scrapheap will escape and they will be replaced by another housemate.

However, star of the show Leslie will then nominate one final celebrity who does not deserve their place in the house. In total, 5 celebrities will then face the public vote and eviction from the house.

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