Day 7: Stacy is nominated for eviction following first round of nominations

Housemates have nominated for the first time, and Stacy has become the second to be nominated.

During tonight’s show, Nominations are taking place; ‘Edited Out’ Housemates Stacy, Bianca, Brandon and Ray J, have lost the power of nomination, James C received the Killer Nomination so automatically faces the public vote, therefore he cannot be nominated. New arrivals Jedward are immune from nomination.

Housemates have been gathered for the results of this week’s nominations. Stacy is one of several Housemates to be nominated.

Stacy is in the Diary Room talking about her nomination. She thinks that Jasmine may have nominated her as she now feels a “weird energy” around her. Stacy says she feels “disappointed” in herself for “maybe not playing the game” properly.” She says that although she “may be loud,” does this mean she now has to “hold back,” or “be judged.”

In the bedroom, Stacy is still dealing with being nominated. Austin tells her that his biggest problem is that she seems to be “up Ray’s a**.” Stacy explains that they are friends but Austin continues: “There are times when you’re very loud and people are like, ‘f**king hell.’”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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