Day 72: Big Brother 2014 Final: Ash finishes in 4th place

Ash has finished in 4th place during tonight’s live final

Emma congratulated Ash on getting to the final. He said he felt brilliant but would ‘rather be first.’ He looked back on his time in the house and said that he had a couple of arguments, got booed for a couple of weeks and then he was ‘back in it.’ Emma asked him if he felt he was guilty by association due to his friendship with Helen and he said: ‘I can be mates with who I want.’ He went on to say that his views did not always reflect Helen’s and he found the fact that people thought they did ‘ridiculous.’ He added: ‘She’s a good pal of mine.’

Emma asked him if he did fancy Helen and he said: ‘No, we just really get on.’ Emma commented on the fact that he seemed like a calming influence on Helen and he said: ‘She flies off the handle, she’s off her head, she’s brilliant.’ Of all the arguments Helen had, he said: ‘It didn’t have anything to do with me.’ Emma then spoke to him about his relationship with ‘his boys’ and Ash said: ‘Winston is awesome and Steven, no-one has made me laugh that much in my life.’ When asked if he had any regrets, Ash said: ‘Not one regret, I enjoyed every single day.’ He then watched his best bits.

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