Day 72: Big Brother 2014 Final: Helen Wood wins Big Brother 2014

Helen has been announced as the winner of Big Brother 2014Emma asked Ashleigh how she was feeling: “The happiest you’ve seen me all series”. On Helen: ‘She’s turned such a leaf over the last ten weeks…I’m so proud of her…Our differences where so big…we clashed straight away…I do think we have so many similarities too…Now , I’m over the moon for her, I’m really glad we sorted everything out over the last few days.’ When asked if Ashleigh thought she got away with murder in the house: ‘No not really!’ On Chris, Ashleigh said: “I’m so glad he was there right up until the last second…always bringing me back down to earth….he kept me in shape”.

Helen left the house, the winner of Big Brother 2014! Emma started the interview by asking Helen how she felt about winning and Helen said: ‘It’s a lie!’ Helen went on to say that she was shocked and that she thought Ashleigh was the winner. Emma then asked her if she hadn’t had the pass to the final did she think she would be sat here and Helen replied: ‘No, I think I would have gone in the first or second week.’ Emma called Helen one of the most controversial, explosive Housemates Big Brother has had. Helen then watched a VT of her arguments with other Housemates and she admitted that she was over the top and out of order on many occasions but did say she was reacting to other Housemates’ remarks but was quite embarrassed.

Emma said that Helen seemed to calm down in the middle of the series and Helen said: ‘I had to change.’ Helen added that she tried to make friends in the house with ‘certain people’ but they made it impossible. Emma asked Helen how she was going to change and Helen admitted: ‘I can’t speak to people like that.’ Helen added that she needs to learn to bite her tongue and that she can’t be as ‘crude’ as she has been.

On her relationship with Ashleigh, Helen admitted they were both ‘strong characters.’ She was then asked about her relationship with Ash and although she admitted that he was ‘gorgeous’ she insisted they were just best friends.

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  1. Teresa Brazil says

    Didn’t like Helen she was vile said some horrible things, but, as the game progressed it was obvious to see she is a damn good friend, her friendship with Ash was amazing, she could have done a 2 second thing for publicity she didn’t, one up for Helen. She didn’t mix her words right or wrong words but was honest and who doesn’t swear!! rubbish. I know nothing about who or what she was before Big Brother and don’t want to she was in BB for the game, and well done Helen, I hope you have learnt a lot and wish you all the best, maybe we all can learn from Helen.

  2. emma(s5) was gold says

    Excellent series – and the right top 2 people. May be the wrong order but still the right 2.

    1. emma(s5) was gold says

      Anyone complaining to Ofcom really need to get a reality check from their local GP

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