Day 8: Dappy and Luisa’s argument continues

CBB_DAY8_DAPPYLUISAARGUMENTAfter their earlier argument, Dappy and Luisa’s argument continues

Earlier today, Dappy and Luisa argued after Dappy made a sexist comment. However instead of leaving it – the pair continued their argument. In the bedroom, Dappy said: “You said my mum’s going to be ashamed of me, for what reason?!”

“She should be ashamed”

“She’s going to be ashamed because she taught me that males can’t do certain things that females do and females can’t do certain things that males do”

“That wasn’t even our argument – I’m not even continuing this. It’s over. Your IQ, I can’t deal with someone with your intellect and IQ”

“What do you mean? I guarentee that if I took a IQ test I’d beat you!” Luisa went into the toilet in the bedroom but Dappy continued.

“I got an A+ in English and an A+ in maths and a B in Music” Later, Luisa exited the toilet and called Dappy a “Wasp at a picnic”. Linda told Luisa to go and tell Big Brother after she said that Dappy was sitting outside on the sofa waiting for her. After she want into the Kitchen, Dappy struck again.

“If you come near me one more time – stop following me around! Quit following me around this f***ing house, Dappy!”

“What’re you saying stuff about my mum for?”

“F**k off! Just don’t f***ing speak to me! Go to the f***ing diary room and vent about me then!”

“I’d say it to your face!”

“F**k off!”

Luisa and Dappy then moved into the living room and shouting started.

“You know why you were called the most fake Housemate?! Do you wanna know why?!”

“Tell me why!”

“Because you’ve been playing a little Mr Kiss a**e for the past week, doing the dishes and keeping your mouth shut and as soon as you open your f***ing mouth…”

“My mum taught me – treat people the way you want to be treated!”

“So why are you so disrespectful then?!”

“Disrespectful to who?”

“Go to the f***ing diary room and talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore”

Luisa went on to say that Dappy was harassing her and Dappy said that he heard her being two faced in the toilet with Jasmine. Luisa responded by saying that “she would talk about you after I had a f***ing argument with you”



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  1. Justine says

    I think it is disgusting how hiring a horse has become funny. That man is a cruel and horrible person. Why is the audience laughing about it! He is a cruel and homophobic man. Glad he’s gone.

  2. kelly says

    Why would anyone think luisa is right…I totally agree with dappy, why would men not think your a slag if you would or have slept with a load of men in one night…and you wonder why men think your easy, your a women not a piece of meat…yeah his approach was bad but dam right. Talk about a good role model. of course he has respect for women that have respect for themselves.

  3. emma was tv gold says

    Dappy pushed the button and got told some truth. It will wash over his back.

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