Day 8: Housemates quiz Farrah over feelings for James

Housemates have been quizzing Farrah over her feelings for James.

Paul, Farrah and Daniel are in the kitchen discussing Farrah’s relationship with James, they begin to quiz Farrah on whether she likes James. She denies it.

While this is happening, James reveals that he thinks Farrah should be evicted “I think out of everyone she is the most difficult to get on with”. Natasha thinks Janice should be booted out, saying, “I sometimes find her really rude”, she sums up her attitude as “selfish.” Both James and Natasha agree that Janice is the least deserving Housemate to win because of her lack of team involvement.

Scoop and James discuss Farrah in the garden. He talks about how it is hard for her in the house – “she is so used to defending herself”. Scoop calls Farrah to the garden so her and James can talk.

James and Farrah have a heart to heart. He tells her, “I don’t want to fight with you ever.” She reveals that her type is “tall, dark and handsome.”

Farrah, Jenna and Scoop talk about James in the bedroom. Jenna asks Farrah, “you like that little thang?” Farrah responds “I’d probably break his d**k.”

James comes to the Diary Room to talk about Farrah and asks, “do you think she fancies me?”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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