Day 8: Housemates react to outside contact in latest task

Housemates have reacted to the task, which saw outside information reach them

On tonight’s show, we will watch a task where the Housemates are told what the public think of them after they voted through an online poll. The results were

Most Honest: Harriet
Most Superficial: Jade
Most Untrustworthy: Adjoa
Most Attractive: Sarah
Most Stupid: Aaron
Most Fake: Aaron

Big Brother later reveals that the housemates with the most awards during the game are Jade and Sarah, who are rewarded with a luxury meal which they can share with one other housemate. They choose Aaron.

Later on, the housemates discuss their thoughts on the votes. Having been voted most untrustworthy and selfish, Adjoa says, “I’m so confused…I’m the worst person in this f*cking house…I trust myself…I’m over this place…I don’t think I’m supposed to be here…all these are signs.” The other housemates are jealous of the luxury meal Sarah, Jade and Aaron are enjoying in the Sky Room.

Soon after, Sarah tells some of the housemates about her feelings towards Danny, “he’s just not my type. I’ve never been in a situation with a guy like that. It doesn’t feel natural.” Nick goes into the Diary Room to tell Big Brother how jealous he is that the winning housemates have champagne and food.

Aaron, Sarah and Jade are discussing the publics’ perception of the housemates. Harriet comments that “Eileen has it in for me. We’re similar souls, spirit-wise.” They all agree that the twins have been the hardest to get to know so far. Joel tests Aaron’s IQ with a series of general knowledge questions, which he fares well in.

Joel asks Aaron about his hopes for the future. “I wanna meet someone who genuinely likes me,” Aaron says, adding “I’ve been single for a year and a half and can’t find anyone.” The twins admit their boyfriends are worried who they will meet in the house but they are aware that their boyfriends also potentially have a whole summer to be unfaithful too.

Later, in the Diary Room, Jade tells Big Brother “I’m the least superficial person. The public is judging me for my looks…I’ve been around fakeness all my life…I don’t understand why the twins are irritating me so much. I can’t grasp it.”

Finally Sarah isn’t impressed that she was voted the most selfish person. Harriet comments, “I don’t find you selfish. You f*cking feed every f*cker.” Sarah’s happy she was voted the prettiest housemate, however and Harriet agrees that “people think you’re beautiful.”

Big Brother continues at 10pm.

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