Day 8: Perez granted immunity from eviction by Cami Li

Perez has been granted immunity from tomorrow night’s eviction

Last night, following a live special twist, Cami Li was crowned queen of the fairies and made immune from Friday’s eviction. She would have the opportunity to make other Housemates immune from eviction.

Last night was the first chance. Cami Li was given the chance to appoint a king to join her on the throne and has decided that it should be Perez. This means Perez will now be immune from eviction tomorrow. More Housemates are expected to be made immune shortly.

On tonight’s show, Big Brother gathers the Housemates and Cami Li sits on one of two thrones. Big Brother announces that Cami Li will not rule alone and that she will appoint a fairy king, she picks Perez. Perez is then crowned and cloaked in ermine and the Housemates all stand in the presence of his newly appointed royalty. Big Brother announces that Perez is now also immune from the first eviction

Chloe is shocked that Cami Li picked Perez and Cami Li explains that she needed to pick someone who could play the role. Chloe comments that in medieval times it was common to behead royal partners.

Perez says his mission statement for his reign will be: ‘Perspective, opportunity and appreciation.’ Perez tells Cami Li: ‘Pretend lesbianism will get you very far with the British public.’ Cami Li is outraged by this suggestions and shouts: ‘I have self-respect and my family are watching!’

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