Day 8: The Artificials win a luxury shopping budget as the task ends

The artificials have won a luxury budget as the task has come to an end.

It’s the second day of this week’s shopping task, The Humans and The Artificials continue to go head-to-head in tasks. The Artificials continue to assist The Humans. In the garden, Lewis and Grant are talking about how Bear is ‘grating’ on them

In the diary room, Aubrey is talking about her feelings towards some of her housemates. Bear requests Aubrey to give him a hand massage, she does. In the diary room, Samantha comments on how Bear is ‘taking the task to the extreme’

Bear requests Aubrey to read his palm; “This line is how big of an a*sehole you are, it wraps all around!”. In the garden, Samantha is talking to Marnie and Katie; “I met somebody a couple of months ago and I’m very happy. As you get older life goes so quick. I’ve now fell in love with another woman.” She confirms she’s in love again

The Artificials and The Humans must now test their ability to suppress their emotions. Each team will take it in turns to try and provoke an emotional response from the other team. Big Brother announces that The Artificials have won the luxury shopping budget In the diary room, James is talking to Big Brother; “I’m probably the grumpy old man in the house!”

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