Day 9: Housemates fail this week’s shopping task

Big Brother has revealed whether the housemates have passed the latest shopping task

“Yesterday, Housemates were told that in order to pass this week’s shopping task, they must pass the majority of the tasks set by Big Brother”. Big Brother told the Housemates that the first two tasks set by Big Brother meant nothing to the overall outcome. The only result that mattered would be the result of the Housemates in the hole.

Big Brother then revealed that one Housemate had “crossed over to the darkside. Yesterday, one Housemate was secretly assigned The Dark Lord. The dark lord was set a secret mission and was told that the outcome of the shopping task lay entirely in their hands”

“The Dark Lord chose who they thought were the six biggest scaredicats to join them in the hole”. Big Brother revealed that the Housemate was Chloe. As she failed her secret mission, Housemates have failed this week’s shopping task.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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