Day 9: Janice gets upset over “selfish” claims

Janice gets upset during tonight’s highlights show about the other Housemates calling her selfish.

During the highlights of tonight’s live eviction show, Janice gets upset over not being able to be herself and that the others think she’s selfish. It begins as Janice starts to cry in the bedroom and Jenna and Farrah console her. As she moves into the bathroom she sobs, “I am sensitive.

I respect and admire the both of you and I don’t want to upset people but I can’t be Janice round here at all because I have heard everyone cause so much havoc in the house that Great Britain is really annoyed at me and s**t. I just don’t think that people understand that none of my intentions are ever meant to be cruel.”

Later on, Janice and Austin argue about who should use the bath first. Austin claims Janice is being selfish because 8 housemates wish to share a bath together yet Janice still wants to go in first. Janice complains that she’s had enough of everyone claiming that she’s selfish.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the first live eviction.

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