Day 9: Sarah and Jemma explode in heated row after Marissa’s eviction

During tonight’s show, Jemma is opening up to Brandi in the bathroom and gets emotional. She tells Brandi “I want them to be my friend, it’s constant just ‘go away, you’re not part of the crew, you’re not part of us, we prefer Trisha over you.”

After hearing boos from the crowd during the eviction, Chad is being consoled by Jemma and Trisha in the bedroom. Sarah tells him to get up and to ‘stop the pity party’. Sarah leaves the bedroom, Jemma states; “She’s so jealous right now. She’s jealous that we’re talking to you right now as you’re getting the female attention, trust me this is what girls do.”

Sarah joins Derek, Jordan and Sam in the smoking area, she says; “Chad’s having a pity party with the girls right now as he’s upset. He cares what the people think. Me, him and Trisha are similar people and call ourselves the ‘in-betweeners’, cos we are in-between you lot and in the 30 something category and we’ve all lived alone and not used to being around people. For us three it’s probably been the hardest for us to adjust.” Sarah adds about Sam and Jordan; “We can’t always keep up with your energy all the time!”

In the smoking area, Jordan is talking about Sarah to Jemma, Amelia and Sam; “She’s gone, we feel like the in-betweeners…she was using our high energy as a negative.” Jemma quips; “She’s a weird freak!”

Jordan continues; “She said you’re secluding Chad and using our positivity as a negativity…” Derek adds; “When a person is like that, they can’t feed off your good energy, they want to bring it down to the level they’re feeling.” Sarah joins the group in the smoking area

Jordan asks Sarah; “I’m confused about what you mean about me and Sam secluding you and Chad from the group?” She replies; “I feel like there’s three different groups of us, you guys have got loads of energy and there’s like us in the middle that haven’t been around loads of people…” Jemma adds; “You keep thinking you’re different to everyone else!” Jemma and Sarah begin to argue.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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