OPINION: Big Brother: Timebomb’s Saving Grace + Live Feed Poll

Commenting on this series so far, it has definitely been a positive improvement on the slightly lacking Big Brother: Power Trip. I definitely think Channel 5 has tried to add elements of classic Big Brother, as reflected by the casting this year.

Whilst the quadruple eviction has rocked many fans, I definitely believe this is exactly what Channel 5 wanted to do. Big Brother: Timebomb started with slow paced highlights, very similar to the classic Big Brother’s on Channel 4, as host Emma Willis has said when commenting on the current series a couple of times. I believe this was the direct problem, it has been 4 years since Big Brother ended on Channel 4, the fans like the show to be fast paced and it is certainly the direction the show is going in.

I also think Aaron’s dramatic removal from the house, as well as the three newbies plus Showbiz Simon have built a large interest in the show.

Unfortunately, highlights for the first three weeks of the program definitely did not work in the shows favour, as a long time fan of the show I enjoyed the nostalgia for a bit, but Channel 5’s new audience for Big Brother since it’s revival in 2011 is very different to Channel 4’s as reflected in the ratings and shares.

As we enter the halfway point of Big Brother: Timebomb, we have told to be expecting “some big twists and turns”, could it be that we have another secret room peeping behind the walls? Or will Big Brother do something completely unexpected?

The Nominations have also been put under scrutiny by the fans of the show, and I am with the fans. Channel 5 need to think about adding a consistent nominations format, adding Big Brother Australia’s points nominations system, which includes a certain changing power for one housemate each week could be quite effective for the show.

With Ben Frow rumoured to be in talks to reinstate the Live Feed, this can be only a good thing for the program. The Live Feed will return the essence to the program that it is currently lacking, and Channel 5 will most certainly be applauded for it.

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