Pre-BB: Big Brother 2016 set for late June launch due to extension

Big Brother could see its latest launch date ever this year, with the series expected to start in late June.

Big Brother’s start date could be moved again this summer with the latest series of Big Brother now expected to begin in late June, rather than the normal early June launch date.

Last summer saw Big Brother move from its normal date to May 12th, as Channel 5 launched Big Brother: Timebomb to some of the shows lowest ever ratings and to create a large gap between the civilian run and Celebrity Big Brother. It was first thought that Big Brother was set for another May launch, but this is now in doubt.

With major construction work taking place at the house compound at Elstree Studios, Channel 5 are understood to be launching the reality format later than normal. The extension will see a brand new outdoor set, garden and “task areas”. In addition to this, presenter Emma Willis is also expecting her third child due in early May.

It does mean that Big Brother would kick off during the Euro 2016 competition – and potentially could run into the Olympic Games this August.

The Daily Star are also reporting that Celebrity Big Brother could also be returning just a few days after the end of the civilian run – a move that was dropped last year in favour of a five week gap.

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