Pre-BB: Five things we want from Big Brother 2015

With Big Brother fast approaching, it’s time to look at what we want from this series

1. No Outside Contact
Recently, the rule about outside world contact has been a little bit flex. Producers have been letting celebrity Housemates in the most recent editions of Celebrity Big Brother leave the house, complete work for newspapers and magazines and even leave for rehearsals for a tour. The civilian edition has had no end of outside contact and influence with nominations being influenced, ex-Housemates returning and spilling gossip from outside.. it’s time to end this. Big Brother is supposed to be “no contact”, so when is Big Brother going to play by his own rules?

2. Stop twisting the nominations
Secondly, we’d like to see nominations actually play out as normal. We’re bored of the nominations taking place and then the week being spent on changing the nominations to how the producers seemingly want them. The game is supposed to be the Housemates voting out who they want gone – not the other way around. We want the normal nominations system please!

3. New House
It’s been a long two years since the Big Brother House had a shake up, and we want a brand new look! Not just a few bits of furniture here and there, we mean walls ripped down and replaced. With the news spreading that the House has been given a brand new look, hopefully this means the House will be unrecognizable to us!

4. Diverse cast of Housemates
We want to see characters in the House from all walks of life, not just your average TOWIE wannabe. Big Brother has been lacking in age and gender diversity in recent years and we’d like to see more of it. Big Brother is supposed to be about the most bold and outgoing people in the country, where have they all gone? Nobody wants to sit around and watch fame hungry wannabes!

5. Actual punishments
When a Housemate breaks the rules, it’s time for them to be punished for it! Don’t just turn off the hot water for an hour, or remove their hair utensils – punish them! Bring back the jail with the bed and a sink, solitary confinement, anything that will serve as a real punishment.

What do you want to see happen to the Housemates this year? Let us know below!

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