Pre-BB: What do we know about Big Brother 2016?

It’s time to round up everything we know about the upcoming series of Big Brother…

Channel 5 are gearing up for their fifth summer with Big Brother, and the seventeenth edition of the format overall, but what do we know about the show so far? Let us begin with the basics…

1. Launch
In terms of when the show starts, we know that Big Brother kicks off in mid/late June. This will be the latest start date that Big Brother has had since 2011 when Channel 5 launched the format in August.

2. Presenters
Both Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal will be at the helm of Big Brother once again this summer. Emma will be fronting the main show while Rylan will be back on the BOTS set after it.

3. Eye
Channel 5 revealed the brand new eye logo for Big Brother yesterday. The eye itself is a black and white colour with coloured shards running in a diagonal line.


Now, let’s talk about what differences the show is already having this year

4. The House
Back in January, Endemol – the creators of Big Brother – filed for planning permission at Elstree Studios to create a brand new house extension and garden as well as a new eviction studio outside the House. The planning was granted and work is well underway with the extension now almost complete. What this extension will be used for is currently unclear but it has already been labeled a “second house” and a “task arena”. In terms of the eviction set, Channel 5 will be giving us a brand new look outside but what could they be doing? There has been talk of two staircases and a lot of audience stands..

5. Format
Rylan has already stated that Big Brother is going to be a brand new show this summer. “Everything’s coming very soon. The new look, new treatment, new feel. It’s a brand new show this year, which is scary for me and Emma, scary for the production team, and very scary for the housemates. It feels like we’re starting a new school. It’s like going to big school.”

“Be prepared for the unexpected, and I can say that more for this than any other series of Big Brother.”

6. Celebrity Big Brother
As we already know, Channel 5 have aired two series of Celebrity Big Brother every year since 2012, and this year is no different – however there have been rumours of both series being merged.  Rylan commented: “There’s still going to be a Big Brother in the summer and there’s still going to be a Celebrity Big Brother,” he cleared up. “This is the first year I’m out of the loop because I have to be.

More news on the new series is expected to be coming in the next few days.

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