Pre-CBB: Daily Star reveal the first House Pictures

The Daily Star have today revealed the first pictures of the new Celebrity Big Brother House

The Celebrity Big Brother House has been renovated ready for January and The Daily Star today reveals the first look into the new House. The House is a world away from the look that dominated the House in the summer. You can see the pictures below:


The house has been transformed into a billionaire’s boudoir. Chandeliers made from golden champagne glasses, silver cutlery, top china and marble statues all await the stars when they walk in.

And even the house’s bedroom is dripping with glamour.

It is lined with designer shoes, while all the beds have silk sheets and the celebs will have golden-edged sofas to lounge around on.

And the landscaped garden has been given a posh makeover to make it look like it’s fit for a king or queen.



Living Room

There are trees that have been sculpted into the shapes of animals and birds, including a peacock and a bear.
into the shapes of animals and birds, The outdoor bathroom has been replaced with a plush smoking area complete with leather chairs and golden statues of lions.



Living Room 2

The stars will be able to relax in a topnotch hot tub or gossip in a luxury tree house complete with red drapes, comfy sofas and luxurious lighting.

But is it all a false sense of security for the celebrities? A show insider said that the house may look like a palace – but it is going to be a gilded cage.

“We want to make them feel at home,” said our show source. “That way, when we drop in a few shocks and twists, it will cause chaos.

“They must never forget that Big Brother is always in charge!” Emma Willis, 37, is back presenting the main show and we can reveal that there will be a massive launch night twist.






Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 on Friday 3rd January

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