Pre-CBB: Top 5 moments from Summer Celebrity Big Brother

Ahead of the new series, we take a look back at the top 5 moments from the summer editions of Celebrity Big Brother…

Since 2012, we have been treated to not one, but two series of Celebrity Big Brother a year, and the summer series always give us some memorable moments. Of course, the first series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 also started in the summer and will be counted in the countdown.. So without any delay, let’s take a look back at some of our favourite moments from Celebrity Big Brother 8, 10, 12 and 14..

5. Celebrity Big Brother 12: Lauren Harries  – “Who wants the cake?” 

Kicking off our top five moments comes a classic and memorable moment from Celebrity Big Brother 12, and Lauren Harries. As Lauren entered the main House on Day 2 after hiding in the task room as part of the Cult of Celebrity, she delivered one of the most iconic and memorable lines we have had in Big Brother, and something that fans still use to this day.. “Who wants the cake?” – Yes, a simple line about cake took us all by storm. Here is that moment in all of its glory for you to relive..

4. Celebrity Big Brother 10: Julie Goodyear eats a banana 

Back in 2012, soap legend Julie Goodyear entered the Celebrity Big Brother House and instantly became one of the love or hate figures of the series. However, one of her star moments arrived in the form of a gods task, which saw part of the House become gods while the other half became servants. As she was a god, Julie was able to be fed banana by a very handsome man.. and..well.. it made for some very hilarious but cringe viewing! We won’t force the video upon you again so here is just a still image of the moment.. brace yourself..



3. Celebrity Big Brother 8 – Kerry Katona becomes a diva

In 2011, Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens after being axed with a new host, a new channel and a new bunch of celebrity Housemates. As the series kicked off the first Housemate to enter the House was Kerry Katona. Kerry was given a secret mission by Big Brother to act like the biggest diva the Big Brother House has ever seen and if she passed she would survive eviction. However, Kerry failed her mission and was nominated for eviction and was told to nominate two others to face eviction with her. Take a look at Kerry in action..

2. Celebrity Big Brother 12 – The Hostage Task

During Celebrity Big Brother 12 in 2013, the Housemates were set one of the best tasks. Lauren Harries, Mario Falcone and Carol McGiffin were fake kidnapped and sent to live in luxury while the other Housemates tried to save them. In a twist to the task, one of the kidnapped Housemates was fake evicted and was able to watch the other Housemates in the House before returning later on..

Mr Big.

1. Celebrity Big Brother 14 – Leslie V Frenchy

Our favourite moment of summer Celebrity Big Brother has to be the showdown between CBB14 housemates Frenchy and Leslie Jordan. Their showdowns kept us laughing and watching as the duo argued and fought over events in the House, eventually leading to Frenchy cutting up Leslie’s shorts! Don’t let us tell you about it, watch it here..

And that’s it! That is our countdown of the best summer Celebrity Big Brother moments! Stick with us for the latest news on the upcoming edition of Celebrity Big Brother..

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