Pre-CBB: Which all star Housemates should return to Celebrity Big Brother?

With the news that ex-Housemates will be returning to the House to compete in Celebrity Big Brother, we take a look at which stars could potentially return.

Over the years, there have been some golden celebrity Housemates who have warmed up our January evenings, or recently cooled down our hot summer nights. However, which ones fit the bill and could return when the series kicks off next month?

Celebrity Big Brother 9 – Nicola McLean
Back in 2012, Nicola entered the Celebrity Big Brother House alongside fellow housemates Natalie Cassidy and Denise Welch. Whilst in the House, Nicola was involved in some iconic moments including her shredding button and her argument with the twins and Denise, which caused the House to go into meltdown!




Celebrity Big Brother 11 – Heidi and Spencer
With Big Brother waking up with a frosty heart, Celebrity Big Brother 2013 kicked off and welcomed two of the most iconic Housemates in recent years! Heidi and Spencer entered the basement before entering the House and causing mayhem. One of their key moments in the House involved a fake walkout which saw them return to a revamped basement to watch their fellow Housemates, before returning and having an almighty row!



Celebrity Big Brother 12 – Lauren Harries
With the frosty winter finished, Celebrity Big Brother returned in the summer with a fresh batch of Housemates, including Lauren Harries! Lauren injected a welcomed bit of fun into the House and provided some of the best moments of the series, alongside being part of The Cult of Celebrity. Her Diary Room singing was embedded into our minds and we cannot forget the iconic songs that we saw!



Celebrity Big Brother 14 – Frenchy
Frenchy entered the House during the summer series of 2014 and provided us with some funny and memorable moments. The moment that sticks in our mind the most would have to be the argument she had with Leslie Jordan, which resulted in Leslie’s poor shorts being attacked with scissors. She even denied all knowledge of annoying Leslie.




Celebrity Big Brother 15 – Katie Hopkins
January rolled around and as the big eye opened, Katie Hopkins marched her way into the Celebrity Big Brother House and provided us with some of the most iconic arguments and one line comments we’d ever seen. Katie was as outspoken as ever, while keeping Perez Hilton in check. Katie was the “voice of reason” for some Housemates, but the comments weren’t without their controversy. However, you loved her and she finished in second place!



Celebrity Big Brother 17 – Tiffany Pollard
As far as memorable moments go, Tiffany provided one of the most remarkable moments in Celebrity Big Brother history as she mistook the death of David Bowie for the death of her fellow Housemate, David Guest! She also provided us with some funny one liners and became a fan favourite from the start of the series, becoming remembered for being the “HBIC” of course!




Celebrity Big Brother 18 – Frankie Grande
In the last series of Celebrity Big Brother, we welcomed a Big Brother USA veteran into our House! Frankie brought a fresh perspective to the game and put his knowledge of the American format to our own version and fast became one of the best Housemates in the group. He struck up friendships and fun moments that stick with us, making it all the way to the final!





Which Housemates would you like to see return to the House? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Stacey strain says

    I would like to see Frankie Grande in the house again he brought so much fun and entertainment to the house. He was the reason I watched the show this year was the best one

  2. Linda Thomson says

    I would love Katie Hopkins back in the house she says as it is

  3. Pat says

    Lauren Harries or Frankie Grande both entertaining.

  4. Bella says

    Katie Hopkins or Tiffany!

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