BBCAN: Nikki is “scared” of gossip and gameplay in Big Brother Canada

The UK legend says she’s scared of the gossiping and gameplay that’s involved in the Canadian format.

After entering the Big Brother House here in the UK a record number of times, Nikki Grahame is currently residing in the Canadian Big Brother House – and is scared of the gossiping and gameplay that the version of the hit reality format involves.

She is struggling to come to terms with the difference in the format – compared to the UK that uses a public vote to decide the results.

“You have to go through a whole different thing now with all the gossip,” Jared explained. “We’re encouraged to gossip.”

“We’re not allowed to, we’re penalised,” Nikki replied

“That’s our whole show,” Phillipe added.

“It scares me, it really scares me. I know you lot are so suspicious of me and Tim, but I only met Tim yesterday. I was really scared, I was crying in the Diary Room.”

Nikki and Tim have both been given a week long immunity – but will still take part in the voting for the next eviction. Big Brother Canada continues tonight with the latest installment showing who won the new Head of Household title.

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