Day 24: Marc takes things too far with his fellow Housemates

Marc has taken things too far with his fellow Housemates, after getting drunk

On tonight’s highlights, Marc is drinking white wine and vodka in the garden. Eileen comments he is staggering already. Sam comes out in bikini; Marc notices and comments that if he got drunk enough he would have sex with her. Jack comments Marc has drunk all of the white wine. Marc goes on to say all the girls have different types of nipples. Harry gets her breasts out to show the group hers.

Later, Marc goes into the toilet to prepare a surprise whereby he makes a helmet out of tinfoil and also covers his modesty. Marc comes out with naked bar his tin foil outfit on. Nick “this isn’t a normal human being, Marc that’s not your d**k, you are not fooling anyone #airtime.”

Marc tells Sam “If you showed a moment of weakness I wouldn’t go for it as I like you too much as a bloke I look a hero and you look a slut if we bang in here.” She responds “I would NOT do that!”

Marc is then seen drunk in the living room and calls Chloe a Yorkshire pudding she replies “don’t call me a Yorkshire pudding you are the pudding” Sam tells Marc off for calling Chloe fat. Sam comes to the bedroom to tell Chloe it isn’t on that he says that to girls. Chloe agrees that he has taken it too far. Sam says she is gutted that other people are so close and she is trying to get in the group of the original Housemates.

After what has happened, Big Brother speaks to Marc and suggests he calls it a night. Sam and Danny are talking about Marc, Danny says “he needs to stop being so offensive.” Sam agrees “if I am not giving him attention he shouts abuse at me.”

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