Day 60: Harry becomes eleventh evictee of Big Brother 2015

Harry has become the eleventh person to be evicted from the House.

Harry left the House to a booing crowd and spoke to Emma. Harry said “I was expecting it, on the outside not a lot of people like me but I have friends that will take a bullet for me so them out there can f**k off. Chloe is the sweetest girl I will ever meet in real life. She wants to get married and that money is a lot of money so she shouldn’t be judged.”

On Nick, Harry said, “Most of the time I will be annoyed at something else but because Nick is so nervous it makes me look larger than I already am. “Me and Nick agreed under the duvet that the House is not real life and you cant start a relationship, I would like to see where it progresses. Nick is a lovely person but all I hear is people being together in the House and then it going tits up.”

“I think Danny wants to win as he wants the money, I would like to see Nick or Chloe to win. Nick is a true Big Brother fan and it would mean so much to him to win.”

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