Podcast: Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Eye Episode 1

Big Brother 24/7’s Official Podcast show is back for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother every Tuesday and Froday following the eviction!

It has been an explosive start to the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, we’ve seen two ejections, a few rows and Perez being centre of attention.

Here is what we’ve discussed in our latest episode:

– Welcome to Celeb BB’s Big Eye – Introduction of host and the aim of the show.
– Big Eye will air on Tuesdays and Fridays
– Advertise Applause Store
– Introduce website, link and twitter handles.
– Talk about “stellar line – up of celebrities

Best Celebrity Big Brother Ever (So far) ?
– Ratings – Introduce and welcome Kai
– Feels like Classic Ch4 BB
– Channel 5 have delivered
– Civilian Big Brother will hopefully keep the standard.
– Line Up
– Production has increased.
– The House and Gumtree
– Graphics
The Two Infamous Ejections
– Talk about Jeremy
– Talk about Ken
Eviction and New Celebrity Housemate
– ¬The change of the dynamic
– What the new Celeb will bring to the house.
– Talk about how far they’ll go.
Live Feed
– Thumbs up to Channel 5 for more Live Feed
– Talk about the comparison of Big Brother Australia.
– What more Live content has done to the show.
Perez Off Off – Why He needs to be evicted sooner rather than later?
– Why Perez may be the most annoying housemate in Big Brother history.
– Why I can’t stand to watch Perez
– Michelle has tried to help Perez
– Fake drama doesn’t cut it
o Calls
– The lesbian comments
Is Katie bullying Alicia?
– The fine line of bullying?
– Victimising never works
– Katie isn’t coming across bad.
Cami Li Changing The Way She Talks
– Sassy Shaniqua
– Nice sweet girl
Axe Bit On The Side? – Is it really needed?
– Talk About Endemol’s vision for the show
– Rylan’s atrocious presenting
– Talk about Emma’s shows.
– Pose Jarrod’s idea.
General Housemate Chat:
– Who will be next to go?
– Who could win?
– Who is flying under the radar?

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