Day 10: Pauline: “It hurt my heart, and obviously I hurt your heart too”

Christopher and Pauline have cleared the air after arguing in the House, with a little crying and a long explanation.

Tensions in the Big Brother House have been high this week, and Christopher and Pauline have been no different. For the past few days, the pair have been seen bickering and arguing about small things, and Pauline refusing to talk to him. However after Tamara’s eviction last night, they took to the bedroom to try and clear things.

“Can we please have a happier house this week?” Christopher asked Pauline.

“It’s not down to me, honey”

“I will try to be more respectful in the kitchen, and more conscientious of what I’m doing. I’ll pay more attention to that, and I thank you for pointing things out to me, I can say that I wasn’t aware of them. I know I annoy people, have done all my life, haven’t always been aware of the reasons for that and I said I wanted to come in here to learn about myself. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this show, and I have, and I am thankful for that. So, I would like us, if that’s okay, to have a fresh start and have conversations..” explained Christopher.

“You’re nice and that’s what I’m saying, that’s why I stuck to you like glue for the first four days” Pauline added.

“I liked you, well I did practically like you instantly, and I thought well he likes me immediately too.. so we’re on a good step in here. I was like, yeah man, I can tell my mum about this Chris one, a nice Irish bloke”

“So, I felt comfortable with you, but then when I realised that you would let a stranger come and turn round and say well because shes said this or shes said that or said the other you just said alright fair enough I believe that’s how she is even after seeing me for four or five days in an intense environment like this? Not good” Pauline explained.

Pauline paused as she began to tear up, before continuing. “Not good, and it hurt my heart. But I’m a person, sometimes, I don’t do this crying sh*t… but it hurt my heart, and obviously I hurt your heart too and you know what I’ve always said in here – I don’t want to hurt anybody’s heart. That’s not what I’m here for… and that’s why, when my girl was there I went down knee to knee with her… come here you prat”

They hugged and Pauline comforted Christopher.

“Thing is, I got into school girl mode, mate… and I haven’t been in school girl mode since I was a school girl… and usually I was the one that got picked on.

“We both have to take responsibility for what we did and I’m sorry I hurt your heart without any shadow of a doubt.. but I really truly thought that you just wanted to dig, dig, dig, dig and f**k me off… and it worked. Even if you didn’t intend on doing it, it worked”

“I’m sorry. I really am sorry” Christopher added.

“And I am too” Pauline said.

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