Day 11: TASK: Frenchy’s Bedroom Workout

In this task Frenchy must fool Dee and George into thinking that she is releasing her very own bedroom workout DVD in stores worldwide.

Frenchy will be called to the Diary Room where she will find a mocked up copy of her own Bedroom Workout DVD.

Big Brother tells her that in order to pass the task she must convince two Housemates that this is a real workout DVD that she is about to release and that Big Brother has agreed to let her film a bonus section of the DVD inside the Big Brother House.

In order to appeal to her UK target audience Frenchy will be asking George and Dee to take part.

Whilst George and Dee are in the Diary Room the rest of the House will be told that this is all a farce. In order to pass the task everyone must pull the wool over their eyes and convince George and Dee to take part in Frenchy’s Bedroom Workout.

If George and Dee agree to sign a release form and appear in the DVD then the Housemates will pass the task.

The Bonus section of the DVD will be filmed in the Large Task Room which will be dressed as a workout set with shiny floors, pink neon lighting, pink vinyl branding etc. There is a camera crew waiting in position to shoot the bonus feature too.

Frenchy will create three moves for George and Dee to follow, one of which will include a strippers pole.

After George and Dee have finished filming with Frenchy someone from our ‘legal team’ will get them to sign fake release forms.

If Frenchy manages to successfully convince George and Dee to take part she will have passed the task and have won a super health food party for the rest of the House.

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