Day 28: Marc and Sam share a kiss as feelings between them grow

Oh my! Feelings between Sam and Marc have taken yet another turn…

In the past few shows, we’ve seen feelings between Marc and Sam grow as they became more intimate with each other, and that doesn’t stop tonight.

During the highlights show tonight, Sam and Marc playing around in the kitchen. Marc kisses Sam. Cristian asks, “Was that the first one?” Sam, “No.”

Later on, Marc and Sam are on the sofa discussing the eviction. “You’d better not have a boyfriend outside and be making me look like a moron.” Sam teases him and they start kissing.

We then skip forward and most housemates are in the bedroom. Marc and Sam are in bed together under the duvet. There are kissing noises coming from under the covers. Sam asks the housemates to turn the lights off.

Some of the housemates leave the bedroom to discuss what is going on. Jack says, “Cristian just told me they’re having sex.” Joel says, “If she’s drunk, they’re doing it”. Nick comments, “He wants to go on Friday and be remembered.” Danny says, “This will do him no favours.”

Big Brother switches the lights on again in the bedroom. All the other housemates are staring at Sam and Marc in the bed. Chloe says, “Someone’s getting a w**k.” Big Brother switches the lights off. The kissing noises continue.

Big Brother continues at 10pm tonight.

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