Pre-CBB: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Big Brother winner, Chloe!

We caught up with the winner of Big Brother 2015 to ask her about her highlights from this years series…

She was the first one in, faced the legends full wrath, became the dark lord and was the winner as she was the last one to leave the House! After three weeks outside of Britain’s most famous House, what does Chloe think about her time in the House? We caught up with her to see how she’s feeling, being £121,100 richer..

1) Launch night is always an exciting part of the series for viewers, so as Housemates I can imagine it was even better – if not a little scary! You were the first Housemate to go into the House this year, what were your first impressions of the House and your Housemates as they entered?
You have to go into hiding for a few days before and I found that more scary than walking into the house! The thought of my friends watching at home and laughing their heads off had me pumped up so as I walked out of the eye I wasn’t nervous at all! The house looked amazing but much smaller than it seems on TV! As each housemate came down I was getting drunker and drunker and I don’t remember much past Harriet arriving! We were just all so excited it was over in a flash!

2) Timebomb was the theme of this year’s series, and Big Brother dropped some huge bombs onto the House from the start. The first saw Jade, Nick, Jack, Adjoa and Simon face a timebomb and eviction! Were you glad that Simon was given the eviction bomb, even if he did return later on?
I was really upset for Simon! I thought he would be right up my street and even though he was only in the house for two hours I was so disappointed when he left and was often pleading with Big Brother to bring him back! Turns out he did come back and unfortunately, didn’t live up to my expectations!

3) Nick, Adjoa, Jack, Jade and Simon were all given different things from the first timebomb twist but only two were good. Out of Jade’s luxury shopping and Jack’s immunity passes, which one would you have liked to have been given the most?
Looking back now it would be easy to say the luxury budget but back then I’d of 100% gone for the immunity. Hearing the crowd on eviction nights put the fear of God into me so having 3 immunity passes would have made it so much easier! Although watching the house eat luxury food for 12 days while me and a few others were on rations was SO hard!!

4) On Day 8 the House was given the first proper shopping task and you were the saboteur! Unfortunately though you failed the task! How hard was it keeping the secret from your other Housemates, and trying to convince them to leave the horror bedroom you had to spend the night in?
Keeping the secret was easy peasy….getting them out was impossible!! When we signed up to Big Brother we new we would have to do these tasks and give it our all and so with this being our first one, everyone was so in the zone and determined to pass that there was no way of getting them to quit! That task is my favourite memory from the house!

5) Another huge timebomb that hit the house was the 4 in and 4 out bomb that saw Amy & Sally, Harriet, Kieran and Sarah evicted from the House and replaced with Harry, Marc, Sam and Simon. Did this affect the dynamics of the House? As a viewer it felt like there were instant separations between original Housemates and new Housemates.

There was. We were loyal to the guys that had left and found it hard to accept the newbies at first. It felt like the whole dynamic had changed and we were starting all over again! There were times I would really struggle and I’d wish Harriet was there as we were so alike I knew she would make me feel better. Eventually, we grew to love the newbies just like the old housemates and I had an amazing friendship with Sam & Harry! Marc brought amazing entertainment even though we didn’t always see eye to eye.

6) On Day 32, Big Brother fake evicted Marc and sent him to live in a bunker with Big Brother legends Brian, Helen and Nikki! When they entered the main House, were you excited to see them, and who was your favourite legend?
Yes I was excited to see them. I’ve always been a Big Brother fan and so to meet these people in the flesh was amazing! Nikki Grahame is a genuine person through and through, what you see is what you get! Brian was so so lovely to me he’s such a gentle soul and I only wish he hadn’t felt as if he had to leave as myself, Jack, Danny and Cristian really looked up to him and loved having him around.

7) The legends nominated you for eviction as part of their task in the House. This caused a large argument between the Housemates and the legends. How did you feel when they nominated you, after being in the House for just four days?
I found it embarrassing that these 3 “famous” people had come in and out of everyone they must of liked me the least. Also the use of the words “least deserving” upset me as I felt we all deserved to be there and had been through a hard audition process. Looking back now I wish I’d not got upset but I think it was just the awkwardness that made the situation worse. Jack defended me and for that I’m so greatful. He’s a brilliant friend!

8) Another large moment was Brian Belo’s escape over the wall of the garden. How did the House react to this, especially after the comments made by Big Brother 15’s Helen. Outside the House there was a large amount of uproar over her comments.
The comments were awful and Helen did apologies to the group for saying them – but obviously not to Brian as he had left. I think it’s a crying shame Brian felt that upset in the house he couldn’t stay. He’s a huge Big Brother fan and I just really hope this hasn’t tarnished his view of a show that’s played a huge part in his life! I hope he gets the chance to go back into the house in future series and has a more enjoyable time!

9) Moving away from timewarp week, you were the winner of £5,000 during Cashbomb! What was going through your mind when you won the money?
I was SO upset and disappointed!! I begged and pleaded for them to have it back! In fact I hate even talking about it now as its my biggest regret in the house! At no point did I get excited or feel happy about having the money.

10) We saw you try and escape the House after taking the money. Why did you try and escape? I know that on the outside there was a lot of us supporting your decision to take the money.
I’m such a people pleaser, I surround myself with lots of friends and love making people happy – so to think is upset and disappointed my friends broke my heart. I felt like I couldn’t live in a house were I was disliked and I just had a moment of madness. Me and Danny had a big hug after and looked at the situation from both his side and mine. As soon as we chatted about it it was forgotten – that’s what friends do, argue then make up!

11) During the cashbomb twist, Nick nominated you for eviction after bidding for immunity. At that moment, what was going through your mind?
I was a little bit shocked as me and Nick had always been friends but I didn’t mind. I think Nick was more upset than me and spent the day avoiding me. We had a hug and I told him I thought it was a shit move but I got why he did it and I didn’t mind at all! He’s a good person and loves the show and to get to the final was a life long dream of his!

12) Out of the 66 days you spent in the House, which task did you enjoy taking part in the most and which was the worst?
My favourite was “The Hole” when I was the Dark Lord and also the secret 80’s task…I was so drunk that day!! In fact I loved all tasks is get stuck in to everything. My least favourite was that chuffing scotch bonnet chilli…..the hottest curry I eat is Korma so I knew it was going to blow my head off! But at least I can say I did it!

13) If you were given the chance to go back into the House, is there anything you’d change about your time?
No I’d do everything the same, as much as I regret taking the 5k iv had mixed reviews from people who watched and if what I did got me where I am now…I’d be daft to want to change anything!

14) Finally, Celebrity Big Brother returns in a couple of weeks! Will you be giving it a watch, and are there any names you’d like to see in the House?
I’ve heard that Janice Dickinson could be on the line up – If that’s true then this CBB is going to be amazing! She’s feisty and fiery and isn’t afraid to say it how it is! I’m so looking forward to it, it’s going to feel like they are living in our house!!

A huge thanks to Chloe for taking time out to talk to us!

Big Brother will return next year with a new batch of Housemates for the seventeenth series, while Celebrity Big Brother will return this month.

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